Thursday, 26 February 2009

What has happened since last?

Well, the gorgeous Jax has come back to us for another long stay, until 14th April. Jiipii! Jax and Charley have been enjoying each others company so much today. I think Charley has missed having a friend to play with here.

Saturday we finished a puppy class that Katie Aquilina has been running and they are now moving on to a Basic Obedience course, also run by Katie (and me assisting). We just have to find a 4th dog to join their little group.

Pictures of their finale lesson and the other puppy classes that day are now up on the DogBasics Dogs gallery

We had the first special Basic Obedience training session on Sunday and I really enjoyed that. It was a big group of 9 dogs of different sizes, but it worked out very well. I liked the fact that we could move on very quickly from one exercise to another, because everyone knew what was expected. I might even put these sessions in a bit more often than just once per month. Watch this space!

Today I've been made aware of the WWF's Earth Hour campaign. I don't know how I could have missed it before now, but no harm, I've signed up and I've put a link to the page on all my web sites. Here is the same link for you, so you can sign up:

I've added a couple more video's to my YouTube account. Both are from socialising sessions. One is from 2005 with Jez Beagle, Frankie Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Treacle Labrador, Humphrey Dandy Dinmond Terrier. The other one is from a social last year (2008) with Eddie Akita, Molly Springer and Sydney Golden X.

That is it for this time. Take care.

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