Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow, snow and more snow!

Well, it has been a very quiet week. No day dogs on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Well, Pippa did manage to come over on Wednesday, but she only lives next door. Leo managed to make his way up here today, but I fear he might not be able to go home tonight... it just won't stop snowing! We've got about 2 if not 3 decimetres of snow up in Offley now.

We did manage to go ahead with the Basic Obedience class on Wednesday, but Rufus's car ended up stuck in the snow and it took 4 of us to get it out. We did search exercises and recall mainly, so the dogs wouldn't have to spend too much time on their bottoms in the cold snow. They had a fantastic time playing around in the snow though.

For those of you with long haired dogs, I can give you a tip on how to get rid of the snow balls they get stuck in their leg and belly fur. Use a dog brush with thick metal pins (not the little bent pins) and brush their fur with when you get home. It will break up the snow balls and then you can just dry them with a towel! Saves an awful lot of time and saves the dog the pain of us trying to drag the snow balls out of their fur.

I've managed to work out how to add the YouTube video's to the blog, so you can see them above now. Not all the DogBasics videos are showing at once, so if you go to, you'll be taken to the YouTube site and you can not only see the video in a larger size, but you can also see ALL the DogBasics videos (they are saved under the username of LocalPetPeople). Maybe your dog will be in one of them? We've got Buster Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Bramble Lab, Amber Boxer, Lola Golden, Milo Boxer, Rosie Bulldog, Dillon Golden, Rosie Lab, Frida Golden, etc.

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