Monday, 5 July 2010

Another Fun Day is done and dusted

So it's the day after the event and I don't think I'm the only one with angry red skin and tired bones...

Another fantastic fun day and a big thank you goes out to Alison and Paul Milner at for hosting and arranging this Fun Day. The first of many years to come, we hope!

There were some interesting stands there on the day and I found myself a new treat shop - Canine Connoisseur (althought the spelling stumps me every time!). You can find them at My own dog, Toby is very, very fussy with his treats and will normally not eat anything that isn't bad for him (with additives, colourants, preservatives), but he loved these treats! Particular favourites are the tiny training treats (perfect size for training class!).

Unfortunately DogBasics didn't win the Fun Day this year, we came in 3rd. However the gang has rallied and we will take back the winner title next year! We just have to make sure we fully understand the games and the rules in good time before the next fun day!

We did have quite a few rosette winners on the day. I shall list them all shortly, just have to get all the info from Alison first, so I don't forget anyone!

I will add photos from the day here and on the web site, once they come through. Ian Nancollas was the official photographer of the day and I'll put his pictures of once I get hold of them. Michele (Fate's owner) also did a lot of photographing, so I'm hoping to get a load from him too!

Hope those of you who came to the Fun Day yesterday all had fun, I know I had!


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