Thursday, 2 April 2009

DogBasics site has had a face lift

The idea was to change the entire design of the DogBasics site into a CSS based layout, but after several days of tearing my hair out, I've gone back to my trusted html tables. Have a look at the new design and tell me what you think. Better now or did you prefer the old layout? Do you like the colours? Did you prefer the links at the top of the pages in tabs rather than by the side? Any thoughts at all?

And when are you all going to book in for the DogBasics Day? I'm getting worried I won't have more than a handful people on the day... and I was so sure we'd have a much bigger day this year... is it the date? Is it too early in the year? Do you not like fun days?


Christine said...

I love the new look. It's a better layout, much easier to use, particularly the tabs at the side.

I'm hoping to be at the fun day - can I take one dog to compete for DogBasics and one for the Dog School? :)

Michelle said...

We would have loved to come to the fun day, especially as it's on Ron's first Birthday, so would have been a great way to celebrate.

Unfortunately I'm on holiday that day, and Andy is on a stag do, which is such a shame as I'm sure Ron would have been a dead cert for Best Looking Pooch (not thay I'm biased or anything!!)

Any other day and we would definately have been there.

I'm off to look at the new site now.
x Blog said...

Hi Christine, I don't see why you can't compete one dog for DB and one for TDS. Which dogs are yours? Blog said...

Well Michelle, if you push enough and the day is popular enough, we might just have to hold another one in autumn... That was the plan last year, but I never got around to it. I'll take it up with the DogBasics Day committee in our next meeting on the 20th of April.

Christine said...

Tilly and Bettekee are my two. So Tilly could compete for the Dog School and Bettekee for DogBasics. Blog said...

Just go to the Club web site and book your games. If you write in the Extra Info box that you want to compete Tilly for TDS and Bettekee for DB, that should clear it all up. Caz