Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dog fighting in Barton Hills

Today's blog is written by someone else. I've had an email from a client about some awful people who set up dog fighting in Barton Hills, so I thought you should all be warned. This is what she wrote:

"While I was taking the dogs to Barton Hills the other day, a lady approched me and warned me about a chap with 2 white dogs that were out of control and had attacked her dog. Having spotted him we changed direction and went headed down to the spring. While we were sitting down having a picnic, we could hear alot of shouting and barking coming from the spring. After hearing this barking a few times, my sister went over to investigate.

The white dogs were being encouraged to fight each other by the owner and several other men. One dog had been particularly savaged, even one of the men commented that it needed the vet. Blood was all over the dogs and the ground. My sister ran back and told me to get our dogs out of there as the dogs werent in control. I took off with both dogs vertically! (straight up the hill) as I knew they would try to leave along the normal footpaths and I had a chance of seeing where they were heading. My sister and several other people that saw what was going on called the police.

Apparently the police did turn up and were questioning the men down by the Church. However, the chap who owned the dogs didnt seem to be questioned. Im not too sure of this, as I was still hiding up the hill at the time (2 hours later) wondering which direction the man and the dogs were heading!

So please be warned. If you see a man with two large white dogs (pitbull type but larger) and two other smaller brown dogs (pitbull type) please do not go near them. They are fighting dogs and the man has little control and is basically scared of them.
Hopefully the police have taken the matter further."

Scary stuff, isn't it?

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