Monday, 26 January 2009

Oh what a day...

It has been one of those days today. It started out well, we had a really nice long walk, the sun was out and the dogs were behaving themselves. Then we got back from the walk to discover that Jasper had a cut on his thigh. Thankfully enough Paul was back by the time we got back from the walk, so he took us down to the vet (I don't drive!). They said they wanted to stitch it up under sedation, so we left Jasper there. We'd only been home 30 minutes when they called and said he was done and we could pick him up, so another trip down to Hitchin. I can't say I envy Jasper's owners the bill of £140!

Home for a couple of hours and then Dot and Bruna arrived for our usual afternoon walk. I was bragging to Dot about how good Toby had been off lead at the weekend and subsequently thought I should give him a bit more off lead time than he normally has. Of course he ran off and was gone for a good long while! The little so and so... :-(

So all in all, not the best or most productive day I've ever had. And there was me planning to start on my tax return this morning!

At least the weekend was good, despite the weather on Sunday. We got totally soaked during our morning walk, but it was only the odd drop of rain during my 3 Basic Obedience lessons, so that wasn't so bad. I looked a bit of a mess though, after having several big dogs jump up at me, spraying me with mud water! They were all really enjoyable lessons though and I am really chuffed how well they all got their dogs focused on their first lesson.

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