Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bia beds in colour!

Having handed off the business to Alison Milner yesterday (thank you Alison!), I've been changing things on the site for her today and sending her addresses to suppliers, etc. Whilst doing this, I managed to find a site for the Bia beds that I haven't seen before, which is obviously much more updated than the one I usually look at, and am now so very excited... the Bia beds come in all kinds of funky colours now! Look at to see what I mean...

I'm usually not very fond of pink, but the pink one is rather gorgeous... I now realise that instead of having a shoe fetish or bag fetish, I've got a dog equipment fetish! Anything new that I haven't seen before... gotta' have it!!!

So Alison... will you be buying in some Bia beds in flashy colours? Could I have one please? :-)


Emma said...

I want the bright green one!

DogBasics Blog said...

Yes, the green one is nice too, but did you see the yellow one? It was on a different page (about us, or one of the other pages). I love yellow, so am now thinking that might be my favourite... although the aqua coloured one would probably look better in our home... ah the choices!