Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sadly, after 8 years with his family, it is time for Bootle Cockerpoo to move out and find a new pack.

It has been a heart wrenching decision for his family, but they are doing the right thing - thinking about what is best for the dog instead of their own needs.

I'm hoping we can all join together in finding Bootle a perfect new home.

Here is what his family have said about him:

Cockerpoo (apricot)


10kg (medium sized)

Bootle has bags of character and has been a charming family dog.

Having spent most of his life around four loud teenagers, he is very tolerant, accustomed to being picked up, cuddled and played with. He is a real 'people' dog, very affectionate and loyal.

Despite his age, he has tremendous amounts of energy for walks and games, yet is equally happy to settle down for a snooze when everyone is out.

He is fine with other dogs, but is accustomed to being the only dog in a household.

The reasons for his rehoming are purely circumstantial (lack of time due to increasing work commitments, family illnesses etc.) and it has been a very difficult decision for his owners to make.

Please contact Hettie Kelly on if you are think you give Bootle a loving home.